Private Eco-Printing Classes

Lately I have been holding private or semi-private eco-printing classes in my home studio.  Teaching one or two students at a time gives us more space and enables me to tailor the class to the individual.  My latest student is a designer who sells her unique garments at juried art fairs around the country (USA).  She specifically requested lessons in making direct contact prints with leaves and flowers.

We primarily used oak and maple leaves, black-eyed susans, smokebush, rose and geranium leaves with a few marigolds, cosmos and coreopsis.  I prepared a purple dye bath from purple carrots in one kettle, and plain water with onion skins in the second kettle.

Here are some of the beautiful prints we made!IMG_2691IMG_2688



Author: luvswool and dyestuff

Natural dyer. Chemist. Chicagoan. Felter. Weaver. Embroiderer.

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