Starting somewhere: SunMoonStars

Not knowing where to start is a frequent problem for me, no matter what type of art I am doing.  There is always the question of color, design, thread.  What colors look best together?  What is my overall plan?  Should I use regular DMC cotton, Perle cotton, or some fancy silk thread?  This is what bogs me down.

So Friday eve, I began to attach cloth scrap to cloth scrap.  Thinking about design but not really planning.  And I came up with two pieces:

Hand-stitching for SunMoonStars
Will the sun shine today? SunMoonStars

These were meant to be vertical strips of cloth. The sun has been on my mind, or lack of sun.  So gray skies with barely visible moons and a sun trying so hard to break through.  But then I realized these pieces didn’t feel right for what I had in mind.  Back to Spirit Cloth–ah, plan a design?  Sketch it out?  Hmm I don’t do that.  Ever.  But I can start.

At 9pm, when I am usually reading, I grabbed the remainder of my Bengala dyes set (these Japanese-made mineral dyes are so fast and easy!) and proceeded to dye 4-inch squares of cotton cloth.  Enough for a 9-patch.  On Saturday, I ironed and heat set the marbled designs.  Pinned and ready for SunMoonStars.

Bengala-dyed 4-inch squares for patchwork
Playing with hand-dyed cotton cloth for a 9-patch

Author: luvswool and dyestuff

Natural dyer. Chemist. Chicagoan. Felter. Weaver. Embroiderer.

5 thoughts on “Starting somewhere: SunMoonStars”

  1. Very subtle coloring and you’re right it’s perfect for the weather we’ve been having. I sometimes do sketches. Usually I change things as I work the project, but it’s a nice starting point. I should probably do it more often. I look forward to seeing the finished works. A good day to stay in and stitch!


    1. Sketching is a good habit, something I don’t do often enough. This time, perhaps it’s a necessity. Just can’t get it out of my head that pre-planning a design by sketching takes away some of the creativity. Time for a change of thinking. You are right!

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  2. I don’t usually plan too much.. but with SunMoonStars, I’ve ended up planning quite a bit… surprises are sill happening though.. maybe its about the same either way. Love your square colors, overcast and dreamy


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