Mending in the New Year

Two years and three days ago, I vowed to stop buying new clothes…not for any particular length of time, but I initially thought one year would suffice.  Why did I make this decision?  Without going into a long political diatribe, I noticed my new clothes didn’t last very long and that they were also predominantly made in Southeast Asia.

At the same time, I had been reading about the “sweat shop” clothing factories overseas and the subsequent tragedies which had occurred.  The big fire in India which killed over 900 people comes to mind.  And I had read about other disasters in places like Indonesia and China.  With all of that in mind, I agreed (with only myself) that I would stop buying clothing.  And it’s been two years now!

When you decide to stop buying clothing, you need to begin wearing what you have and/or make new clothing.  I went into my cotton fabric stash and made a few new tops and a skirt.  But then I began mending.  And once I started mending clothing, I thought, why not mend household textiles?

So, in the New Year, I plan to do mending:  This will need to be re-weaved.

Navajo rug detail
Navajo Rug

While I am a novice weaver at this point, I have never before re-woven anything.  But I plan to learn.

I also have a bed sheet and a duvet cover which are beginning to shred and tear.  They have  plenty more use left in them, and they are really, really soft and cozy.  Here is the duvet cover:

Worn cotton duvet cover
Cotton bed sheet, patched

Are you a mender or a patcher?  Do you have a preferred method?  I know I need to re-sew the bed sheet, perhaps with my sewing machine.  Any tips on mending or re-weaving?


Author: luvswool and dyestuff

Natural dyer. Chemist. Chicagoan. Felter. Weaver. Embroiderer.

5 thoughts on “Mending in the New Year”

  1. Kudos to you for making some of your clothes and mending and patching. I’ve seen some of the things you’ve made and they are lovely and look comfortable. I can mend and patch, but rarely do either unless it’s something I really can’t let go of. I used to as a young mother. You should check your machine to see if you have a mending stitch or you can do a little free motion usually with a patch underneath. Good luck!


  2. am going to hope that you document the rug and bed linen mends….i have
    these exact things. in particular a sheet, bottom fitted that just needs a
    split in the middle mended…the rest is great…it’s one of those old muslin
    ones…the “crispy” feeling ones that was made by a company who no longer
    i have shopped EXCLUSIVELY at our one local thrift shop for 20 some years
    now. xcept underpants and socks. of course, i live a life that doesn’t mind
    other circumstances would be different…


    1. Yes, agreed. I will be posting my mending results next. I also shop thrift stores and vintage goods but do so on-line. The thrift shops near me are not too great, and the closest one to me has an over-powering musty smell that is nauseating. And for full disclosure here, I am retired and do not need to be wearing trendy “high fashion” clothing.


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