Artists Stand with Standing Rock Sioux, Protectors of Water Rights

The Dakota Access Pipeline.  This is what I’ve been thinking about lately.  I have taken a short break from natural dyeing and stitching.  I read yesterday that police “water cannoned” the peaceful protestors in freezing temperatures.  You can read more about it here, and also enjoy the art which has been made in support of the Standing Rock Sioux.

Artists Join the Fight to Protect Standing Rock





Super Moon

Today I learned about a new kind of moon–well, new to me.  Super Moon. And its effect on oceans.  The pull of gravity.  So immediately I thought about my SunMoonStars cloth.  Did I have a Super Moon?

No, I didn’t think so.  The Hopi Sun looked promising, but it’s not a moon.img_3086I feel a new Story Cloth coming on

…a Super Moon.  Next time.



Detoxing with Nature

With the USA election now over, I felt a strong need to seek Nature.


So I took a long walk, gazing at trees in all their autumn splendor. I noticed there was one wild rose left on my front yard bushes.  That is amazing, considering it is now November in Chicago.


But it wasn’t enough.  Yes, this has been a tough election with surprising results.  So I decided to detox myself further by making one of my famous Vitamix veggie drinks.  This time I included the following fresh vegetables:  brussel sprout leaves, baby spinach, broccoli, one red beet, half an avocado, cilantro sprigs and a squeeze of lime.


And then, as Eric Carle’s very hungry caterpillar said, “I felt much better!”

SunMoonStars: Beginning to Come Together

The central sun


My second version of SunMoonStars is beginning to come together–finally!  I feel like I’ve been giving this way too much thought and not enough actual stitching.  However, composition is important.  I learned this from Jude Hill.

SunMoonStars V.2

There’s been some thinking about half moons and constellations.  About lightening.  About use of color and color theory.  And all of this is good to think about.

I care very much how this turns out…for me.


Second Chance for SunMoonStars

Unhappy with my first try on the SunMoonStars, I decided to start again with new cloth and new ideas.  I spent several days just “debuting” cloth. Thinking about it.  Just going along.

I decided on using linen cloth scrap, backed by old gauze cloth–both were dyed with black walnut last year.  I chose silk square samples, previously dyed by me.  But I only had six of them.


So no 9-patch.  But I scrounged for other scraps–indigo-dyed linen and an indigo scrap over-dyed with chamomile.  There’s a small square of naturally-dyed organic cotton jersey as well.

Next time!



Gone crazy over fresh eucalyptus

I finally took the opportunity to eco-print with my fresh eucalyptus over the weekend.  Whole Foods surprised me last week with a small selection of eucalyptus branches.  I recognized the shape immediately, and I was told by the manager of the floral department that they would be stocking eucalyptus through the Thanksgiving holidays.

Wool pre-felt eco-printed with eucalyptus and rose leaves

Gathering my previously mordanted fabric scraps (wool and silk), I got a pot boiling and steamed the wool and silk, after laying out the eucalyptus leaves, along with a few wild rose leaves.  I was pleased with the results, particularly the small scrap of dupioni silk (below, right).  The wool was not as clearly printed (right), but I noted that my handmade white pre-felt was uneven in texture.

Not willing to quit while I was ahead, I decided to print two camisoles that I had previously mordanted and stored in the refrigerator this summer.

Both the silk camisole and sweet gathered cotton top printed well.  They included eucalyptus, rose and geranium leaves.



Next time:  Second Try with SunMoonStars

Silk scrap eco-printed with eucalyptus leaves