First Eco-Printing of the Season

Due to an extended vacation in Norway, I am late getting started on natural dyeing.  My dye plants were late getting planted.  And so I found myself at the beginning of July without having eco-dyed or printed.

To the rescue:  my younger sis, Shar, has been wanting to learn to eco-dye and print, so we scheduled a session last weekend.  Everything was set up here, and she scoured her T-shirts as directed.  When she arrived, we immediately mordanted her cotton clothing, allowing an hour or so for the process.  Yes, we could have used additional time, but we needed to get moving on the printing process.

I had previously prepared a pot of black walnut and pomegranate liquid, to which I added hot water and a pinch of logwood powder (Shar likes dark colors).  She rolled one shirt with fresh plant leaves only, using a bit of iron solution for dipping.  She rolled the second shirt shibori style with tiles, CD’s and other mark-makers.

We didn’t have all day to wait for the pot to do its magic, so I sent her home with the pot and instructions to leave all materials overnight. Results: